Interim Darkinjung Development Delivery Plan 

The interim Darkinjung Development Delivery plan was prepared for the Darkinjung Local Aboriginal Land Council by the Department of Planning and Environment in February 2019

The Interim Delivery Plan is not a development delivery plan prepared for the purposes of and in accordance with the State Environmental Planning Policy (Aboriginal Land) 2019 (SEPP). In accordance with the SEPP, it is intended that a development delivery plan be prepared for Darkinjung and approved by the Minister by 1 September 2019 to recognise the broader Darkinjung development pipeline following a more comprehensive land audit and strategic assessment.

This Interim Delivery Plan is a strategic document that identifes the frst stage of the Darkinjung development pipeline. The Interim Delivery Plan is the frst interim development delivery plan given efect under the section 9.1 Ministerial Direction 5.11 Development of Aboriginal Land Council land.
The Interim Delivery Plan is required to be considered when planning proposals are prepared by a planning proposal authority. The Interim Delivery Plan provides detailed guidance for sites identifed through a land audit and rapid strategic assessment. By requiring planning proposals to consider the Interim Delivery Plan, it is intended that the frst stage of the Darkinjung development pipeline will support economic and social opportunities for Darkinjung and its community.
The Interim Delivery Plan has been prepared in consultation with Darkinjung. Darkinjung is supportive of the Interim Delivery Plan and inclusion of sites for the frst stage of the development pipeline.
This Interim Delivery Plan has been approved by the Department of Planning and Environment and is published on the Department’s website.


Darkinjung acknowledges that we operate and function on the lands of the Darkinyung people.

We pay our respect to these lands and its people. We acknowledge those ancestors that defended,walked and managed these lands for many generations before us and who have left a legacy of strong cultural, wisdom and knowledge embeded in these lands today.

We acknowledge and recognise all Aboriginal people who have come from other First Nations groups and who have now come to call this country their home. We acknowledge our Elders who are our knowledge holders, teachers and pioneers.

We recognise all Aboriginal people who were forcibly removed from their families and communities and
acknowledge the negative impact  and disconnection to family, land  and community.

We empower our youth who are our hope for a brighter and stronger future and who will be our future leaders.

We acknowledge and pay our respect to our Members who have gone before us and recognise their contribution to our people and community.

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